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Mission Statement
Temple Shalom is an embracing, supportive, vibrant community which is committed to observing Conservative Judaism in a contemporary and progressive tradition and which is devoted to the continuation of Jewish values, education and culture. Temple Shalom honors the diversity of its members and is dedicated to their spiritual, intellectual, and religious growth.


It is hard to believe that May is

almost over and soon it will be June!

  Congratulations to our College Graduates: Jeremy Amundson, Abigail Libman and Miriam Scheff. May the future bring to you great success and happiness.

Last Call for Reservations for the Rabbi's 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner on June 7. Absolute Deadline 27 May! Please contact Mickie MacNeill 447-0702.

Also: Scott Weininger is compiling pictures of the Rabbi with Congregational members and families for a photo exhibit. Please send your photos to Scott (

Point of Information: We had a wonderful and inspirational visit to the Mayyim Hayyim Mikvah Sunday, 17 May. Everyone who attended walked away with a wonderful feeling and a new outlook on the meaning of the Mikvah in today’s world. It was a most successful and uplifting experience. If you wish to enjoy some pictures:


Please Mark Your Calendar:


Won't you please join us

during the weekend of June 5-7, 2015
as we honor our esteemed
Rabbi Marc S. Jagolinzer 
for his
40 Years of Spiritual Guidance
as well as his many accomplishments
throughout the Jewish and general Rhode Island community.
RSVPs required for the Celebration Dinner
(and ads & messages for the Testimonial Program Book)
For additional information (or for reservation/program forms),
please contact Gerry & Mickie MacNeill, Event Co-Chairs,