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Mission Statement
Temple Shalom is an embracing, supportive, vibrant community which is committed to observing Conservative Judaism in a contemporary and progressive tradition and which is devoted to the continuation of Jewish values, education and culture. Temple Shalom honors the diversity of its members and is dedicated to their spiritual, intellectual, and religious growth.

It is with sadness that we inform you of the passing of

Judy Menton’s mother.

The family is sitting Shiva in Maryland.

May Judy and her family find comfort

in the beautiful memories her mother bequeathed to them.

May her dear one rest in Eternal Shalom

as well as in the hearts of all those who knew her and loved her.


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"What's a Synagogue For?"

-Richard Hammerman

A synagogue is a beacon of Judaism in the community.

A synagogue is a reflection of your values, hopes, aspirations.

A synagogue is a place for Jews to gather for prayer,

mutual support, celebration and comfort.

A synagogue is a place to enrich your life, challenge

your assumptions and "discomfort the comfortable."

A synagogue is a place for Jews "to Kiddush,"

      to sanctify and socialize together.

A synagogue is a place to learn, grow and reach higher

- for each generation.

A synagogue is a place to remember family, friends,

mentors and moments.

A synagogue is a vehicle to highten your sensitivities,

encourage your commitments and expand your horizons.

A synagogue is a place to create memories

and remember creation.

A synagogue is a place to face the One

who is called HaMakom, "The Place."

I hope you will uphold these ideals and add your own thoughts

as to what a synagogue, namely Temple Shalom, means to you.

I would enjoy hearing your responses.

Rabbi Marc S. Jagolinzer