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Enhance Your Jewish Learning

I would like to offer 3 courses for you to enhance your knowledge:

Basic Hebrew

Learn to Read Hebrew

Conversational Hebrew

Learn to Speak this Beautiful Language

Parasha HaShavua

Come discuss the weekly Torah portion.

Classes will be offered on Tuesdays

Please indicate whether you would like Morning/Evening Sessions

Please indicate your desire to attend and time preference by emailing me at



Do you like to sing?

Our Temple Choir is in need of new members. No one has to attend all the rehearsals and we have chosen music that is not difficult. Why not give it a try? Contact Emily Anthony at Let’s enhance the beauty of our services with beautiful voices and music!


A Unique Opportunity

Izzy Marcovici’s Mitzvah Project was the creation of a Siddur for Friday evening and Shabbat morning. It is user friendly with Hebrew, transliterations and explanations. These are being offered as a fund-raising effort for the Temple. Copies are $36 and can be ordered from Andrea Marcovici.

Also, we still have some attractive Temple Shalom short-sleeve T-shirts. They are available for a contribution to the Temple of $18. Please contact Andrea to fill your order.



Calling All Women! We are reviving our Sisterhood to meet the needs of today’s women. Interested? Please contact Barbara Jagolinzer at


Caring Committee

There are many people affected by the modern plagues of homelessness, poverty, and abuse. Non-perishable (canned and boxed) goods are always welcome by the less fortunate in our community. Let’s fill our Caring Cart and Kosher Bin to the brim, and have them overflow if we can!


2015-2016 Temple Officers and Trustees

President: Martha Ullman

Vice Presidents: Lisa Kotlen & Ronald Newman

Treasurer: Andrea Marcovici

Corresponding Secretary: Mickie MacNeill

Financial Secretary: Ruth Ziegler

Recording Secretary: Cathy Young

Board of Trustees: Emily Anthony,

David Fastovsky, Marsha Jagolinzer,

Jeffrey Martin, Scott Weininger