Some Dates and Programs Subject to Change

As soon as the Family Education Committee has their first meeting,

all “TBAs” will be decided - and a new calendar will be created

*Jewish Holidays        *Secular Holidays





Fri-24      7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

                 An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service

Fri-31      Halloween

                     5:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

                 An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service


Sun-02     Daylight Savings Time Ends

                 9:30a-Breakfast - then Fall Mitzvah Day 

Tue-04     Election Day


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"Donor-Project Directory" Form!

Due date is Friday, November 7!


Fri-07      7:30pm: Veteran’s Day Shabbat Worship

                 An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service 

Sun-9       76th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

                 11am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                 Topic: The Night of Broken Glass-Vienna

                 a discussion with Nelly Szabo Ullman 

Tue-11     Veteran’s Day

Sat-15      10am: Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-16     10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                  Topic: TBA

Fri-14      7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

                 An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service 

Fri-21       6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Wed-26    7:30pm: Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

Thu-27     Thanksgiving

Fri-28      7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

                 An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service 



Sat-13      10am: Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-14     10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                  Topic: TBA

Tue-16      7pm: Partnership w/ UCC at Temple

                  Erev Chanukah – Light 1 Candle

Fri-19       6p: Chanukah Dinner (RSVP required)

                  7:30pm: New Member Shabbat Worship

Sun-21      Winter Begins

Tue-23      7th day of Chanukah (8 candles in evening)

Thu-25      Christmas

Wed-31     New Year’s Eve


Thu-01     New Year’s Day

Sun-11     10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                  Topic: TBA

Tue-13      7pm: Partnership w/ UCC at Church

                  Topic: TBA

                  7:30pm: Martin Luther King Shabbat


Sat-17       10am: Shabbat Morning Worship

Mon-19     Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Fri-23       6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sun-25     10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                 Topic: Italy & the Lingering Jewish Influence

                 (Presentor: Scott Weininger)


Wed-04    Tu B’Shevat (Jewish Arbor Day)

Sun-08      10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                  Topic: TBA

Tue-10      7pm: Partnership w/ UCC at Church

                  Topic: TBA

Sat-14       Valentine’s Day

Mon-16     President’s Day (observed)

Thu-19      Chinese New Year (year of the sheep)

Fri-20       6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sun-22      10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                   Topic: TBA

Sat-28       10am: Shabbat Morning Worship

MARCH 2015

Wed-04   7:30pm: Erev Purim Worship

                 PURIM SPIEL

Sun-08     Daylight Savings Time Begins

                    10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                  Topic: TBA

Fri-13       Shabbat Across America

Tue-17      St. Patrick’s Day

Fri-20       Spring Begins

                  6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sat-21      10am: Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-29     10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                 Topic: TBA

APRIL 2015

Fri-03      6:30pm: Worship / 1st Seder at Temple

Sat-04      First Day of Pesach - 2nd Seder

Sun-05     Easter Sunday

Sat-11      Pesach - 8th Day / 10am: Yizkor Recited

Sun 12     10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                 Topic: TBA

Wed-15    7:30pm: Erev Yom Ha’Shoah Service

Thu-16    Yom Ha’Shoah

Wed-22   Yom Hazikaron

Thu-23    Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

Fri-24     6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

                7:30pm-Pulpit Exchange with UCC at Temple

                Pastor Tripp will give the sermon

Sun-26    10am: Pulpit Exchange with UCC at Church

                 Rabbi Jagolinzer will give the sermon

MAY 2015

Sun-03   10am: Mitzvah Day

Tue-05    6pm: Partnership Pot Luck Dinner at UCC

Thu-07    Lag B’Omer

Sun-10    Mother’s Day

Sun-17    Yom Yerushalayim

               10am: Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: A

                Kosher Adventure (Field Trip to Newton, MA-

                to Shop, Eat Kosher Chinese & Visit a Mikveh!

Fri-22      6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sun-24     Shavuot

Mon-25    Memorial Day

                 10am: Yizkor Recited (2nd Day of Shavuot)

JUNE 2015

Fri-05      Following Services:

                       Annual All-Chocolate Oneg!

Sun-14     Flag Day

Fri-19      6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sun-21    Father’s Day / Summer Begins