Some Dates and Programs Subject to Change

As soon as the Family Education Committee has their first meeting,

all “TBAs” will be decided - and a new calendar will be created

*Jewish Holidays        *Secular Holidays





Wed-24   7:30pm-Erev Rosh Hashanah Worship

                *Please Note: Upon coming to services, please show an

                 usher your Card of Admission, but do not give it to him/her.

                 The Cards will be collected after the Kol Nidre Appeal. 

                 ALSO: We will be collecting canned goods again this year

                 throughout the High Holy Day season. Please be generous in

                 assisting those less fortunate.

Thu-25     9:00am: Rosh Hashanah (Traditional Worship)

                 Tashlich immediately follows Service

                 7:30pm: Rosh Hashanah Evening Worship

Fri-26      10:00am: Rosh Hashanah (Contemporary Worship)

                 A truly unique service of creative prayer & music.

                 7:30pm: Shabbat Shuvah (this Shabbat is known as

                 “Low” Shabbat, due to the lack of attendance.

                  Please make every effort to attend!

                 An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service



Fri-03          6:00pm: Kol Nidre Worship

                    Please participate in our mitzvah of bringing

                    canned goods and non-perishable foodstuffs

                    and place them in the Rabbi’s Caring Cart which

                    will be located to the left of the Bimah in front of

                    the Sanctuary.

Sat-04         9:00am: Yom Kippur / Yizkor Recited

                    5:30pm-Closing Worship

                    At the conclusion of this Day of Atonement,

                    all are cordially invited to a break-the-fast

Sun-05        10:00am: Come decorate the Temple Sukkah

                    After we finish decorating, attendees can stay

                    to enjoy Leighton Marcovici’s Carnival (games,

                    prizes and food!) - a fundraiser for the Temple -

                    planned and coordinated by Leighton as part of

                    his Bar Mitzvah Mitzvah Project!

Wed-08       7:30pm: Erev Sukkot Worship

                    (Sukkot celebrated through Wed Oct 15)

                    Festival Worship followed by Kiddush in

                    the Temple Sukkah!  We also welcome you

                    to share pictures of your own family’s sukkah

                    creations on Temple Shalom’s Facebook page!

Fri-10          7:30pm: Shabbat Worship with Kiddush

                    in the Temple Sukkah.

                    An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service

Mon-13   Columbus Day

Tue-14        7:00pm: Partnership with United Congregational

                    Church at the Temple.  Topic: TBD

Thu-16       10:00am: Shemini Atzeret (Yizkor recited)

                    7:30pm: Simchat Torah. Procession of the Scrolls.

                    An Oneg Yom Tov will follow the service

Fri-17          7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

                    An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service

Sun-19        10:00am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                    Topic: TBD

Fri-24          7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

                    An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service

Fri-31      Halloween

                   7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

                   An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service



Sun-02     Daylight Savings Time Ends

                10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA

Tue-04     Election Day

Fri-07       7:30pm-Veteran’s Day Shabbat Worship

Sun-09     76th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

Tue-11     Veteran’s Day

Sat-15      10am-Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-16     10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA

Fri-21      6:30p-Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Wed-26    7:30pm-Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

Thu-27    Thanksgiving


Sat-13      10am-Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-14     10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA

Tue-16     7pm-Partnership w/ UCC at Temple

                Erev Chanukah – Light 1 Candle

Fri-19      6p-Chanukah Dinner (RSVP required)

                7:30pm-New Member Shabbat Worship

Sun-21     Winter Begins

Tue-23     7th day of Chanukah (8 candles in evening)

Thu-25    Christmas

Wed-31   New Year’s Eve


Thu-01    New Year’s Day

Sun-11     10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA

Tue-13     7pm-Partnership w/ UCC at Church: Topic: TBA

                7:30pm-Martin Luther King Shabbat Worship

Sat-17      10am-Shabbat Morning Worship

Mon-19   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Fri-23      6:30p-Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sun-25     10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: Italy &

                the Lingering Jewish Influence (Scott Weininger)



Wed-04   Tu B’Shevat (Jewish Arbor Day)

Sun-08     10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA

Tue-10     7pm-Partnership w/ UCC at Church: Topic: TBA

Sat-14     Valentine’s Day

Mon-16   President’s Day (observed)

Thu-19    Chinese New Year (year of the sheep)

Fri-20      6:30p-Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sun-22     10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA

Sat-28      10am-Shabbat Morning Worship


MARCH 2015

Wed-04   7:30pm - Erev Purim Worship

                PURIM SPIEL

Sun-08     Daylight Savings Time Begins

                10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA

Fri-13      Shabbat Across America

Tue-17     St. Patrick’s Day

Fri-20      Spring Begins

                6:30p-Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sat-21      10am-Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-29     10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA


APRIL 2015

Fri-03      6:30pm: Worship / 1st Seder at Temple

Sat-04     First Day of Pesach - 2nd Seder

Sun-05     Easter Sunday

Sat-11     Pesach - 8th Day / 10am: Yizkor Recited

Sun 12     10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA

Wed-15   7:30pm-Erev Yom Ha’Shoah Service

Thu-16    Yom Ha’Shoah

Wed-22   Yom Hazikaron

Thu-23    Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

Fri-24      6:30p-Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

                7:30pm-Pulpit Exchange with UCC at Temple

                Pastor Tripp will give the sermon

Sun-26     10am-Pulpit Exchange with UCC at Church

                Rabbi Jagolinzer will give the sermon


MAY 2015

Sun-03     10am-Mitzvah Day

Tue-05     6p-Partnership Pot Luck Dinner at UCC Church

Thu-07    Lag B’Omer

Sun-10     Mother’s Day

Sun-17     Yom Yerushalayim

                10am-Sunday@Shalom - Family Ed: Topic: TBA

Fri-22      6:30pm-Dairy Pot Luck Dinner/Shabbat Worship

Sun-24     Shavuot

Mon-25   Memorial Day

                10am-Yizkor Recited (2nd Day of Shavuot)


JUNE 2015

Fri-05      Following Services: Annual All-Chocolate Oneg!

Sun-14     Flag Day

Fri-19      6:30p-Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sun-21     Father’s Day / Summer Begins