Dates and Programs Subject to Change

*Jewish Holidays        *Secular Holidays



Fri-09         7:30pm: LEIL SHABBAT Worship

Mon-12     Columbus Day

Tue-13       7:00pm: Partnership with UCC at Church - Topic TBD

Fri-16         Boss’s Day

                    7:30pm: LEIL SHABBAT Worship

                    Oneg following: graciously sponsored by the Marcovici Family

Sat-17        Hunter Marcovici Bar Mitzvah

Fri-23         7:30pm: LEIL SHABBAT Worship

Sun-25       10:00am: Sunday@Shalom - Topic TBD

                    10:00am: “Women of the Book” Club will be discussing

                                "In the Unlikely Event" by Judy Blume

                                (at Empire Tea & Coffee, Newport)

Fri-30         5:30pm: KABBALAT SHABBAT Worship

Sat-31        Halloween


Sun-01       Daylight Savings Time Ends (turn clocks BACK 1 hour)

Tue-03       Election Day

Fri-06         7:30pm: LEIL SHABBAT Worship / Honoring our Veterans

                    November Birthdays & Anniversaries Honored

                    Oneg following: graciously sponsored by Leslie & Steve Saunders

Sat-07        10:00am: SHABBAT Worship

Mon-09     77th Anniversary KRISTALLNACHT

Wed-11      Veterans Day

Fri-13         7:30pm: LEIL SHABBAT Worship

Sun-15       10:00am: Sunday@Shalom - Topic: Kristallnacht

Thu-19       Great American Smoke-Out

Fri-20         6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck / SHABBAT Worship

                  Desserts graciously provided by Carrie Scheff

Wed-25      7:30pm: Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

Thu-26       Thanksgiving Day

Fri-27         5:30pm: KABBALAT SHABBAT Worship


Tue-01       World AIDS Day

Fri-04         5:30pm: KABBALAT SHABBAT Worship

                    December Birthdays & Anniversaries Honored

Sat-05        10:00am: SHABBAT Worship

Sun-06       CHANUKAH: Light ONE CANDLE in the evening

Mon-07     Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

                    CHANUKAH: Light TWO CANDLES in the evening

Tue-08       CHANUKAH: Light THREE CANDLES in the evening

Wed-09      CHANUKAH: Light FOUR CANDLES in the evening

Thu-10       CHANUKAH: Light FIVE CANDLES in the evening

Fri-11         6:00pm: Chanukah Dinner / followed by SHABBAT Worship

                    CHANUKAH: Light SIX CANDLES in the evening

Sat-12        CHANUKAH: Light SEVEN CANDLES in the evening

Sun-13       10:00am: “Women of the Book” Club will be discussing

                                "Enrique’s Journey" by Sonia Nazario

                                (at Empire Tea & Coffee, Newport)

                                Jan/Feb book selection (no date yet scheduled):

                                Paula Hawkin’s best seller – The Girl on the Train

                    CHANUKAH: Light EIGHT CANDLES in the evening

Tue-15       7:00pm: Partnership* with UCC at Church

                                *and Annual Gift Swap

Fri-18         5:30pm: KABBALAT SHABBAT Worship

Sun-20       10:00am: Sunday@Shalom - Presenter: Bob Hicks

Mon-21     Winter Begins

Fri-25         Christmas

                    5:30pm: KABBALAT SHABBAT Worship

Sat-26        Kwanzaa (through Jan 1)

Thu-31       New Year’s Eve