Dates and Programs Subject to Change

*Jewish Holidays        *Secular Holidays



Wed-04    Tu B’Shevat (Jewish Arbor Day)

Fri-06       5:30pm: Kabbalat Shabbat Worship

Sun-08     10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                 Topic TBD: (Andrea Marcovici)

Tue-10     7pm: Partnership w/ UCC at Church

Fri-13      6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sat-14      Valentine’s Day

Mon-16    President’s Day (observed)

Thu-19     Chinese New Year (year of the sheep)

Fri-20       5:30pm: Kabbalat Shabbat Worship

Sat-21      10am: Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-22     10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                 End of Life Issues (Rabbi Jagolinzer)

                1:30pm: 11th Annual Aquidneck Island

                Jewish Film Series: The Grand Role

                Newport Public Library

                300 Spring Street, Newport

Fri-27      7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

MARCH 2015

Sun-01    7pm: Purim Spiel - a FUNdraiser for

                the entire Aquidneck Island community!

                ”STAR DREK”: Immerse yourself in the

                adventures of the crew of the Yentaprise,

                as they save the small Jewish colony on the

                planet Hebron from the evil clutches of the

                Klingon Prime Minister, Haman!

                $10-adults; $7-children (12 and under)

Wed-04    7:30pm: Erev Purim Worship

Fri-06        5:30pm: Kabbalat Shabbat Worship

Sun-08      Daylight Savings Time Begins

                  10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                  Jewish Heroes in Sports: More than Sandy

                  Koufax! (Izzy Marcovici)

Fri-13        6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/

                  7:30pm: Shabbat Across America

Tue-17      St. Patrick’s Day

Fri-20       Spring Begins

                 7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

Sat-21     10am: Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-22    1:30pm: 11th Annual Aquidneck Island

                 Jewish Film Series: The Matchmaker

                 Levi Gale House

                85 Touro Street, Newport

Fri-27      5:30pm: Kabbalat Shabbat Worship

Sun-29    10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

             Amsterdam (David Nathanson and

                Michael Mendell)


APRIL 2015

Fri-03      6:30pm: Worship

                7:30pm: 1st Seder at Temple (RSVP)

Sat-04     First Day of Pesach - 2nd Seder

Sun-05    Easter Sunday

Fri-10      5:30pm: Kabbalat Shabbat Worship

Sat-11     Pesach - 8th Day / 10am: Yizkor Recited

Sun 12     10am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                 Our Temple History: Come and share your

                 stories of you and/or your family’s place

                 in our community!

Wed-15    7:30pm: Erev Yom Ha’Shoah Service

                  RSVPs Due For Next Month’s

                               May 17 Field Trip

Thu-16     Yom Ha’Shoah

Fri-17        7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

Wed-22    Yom Hazikaron

Thu-23     Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

Fri-24       6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck

                 7:30pm: Pulpit Exchange with UCC at Temple

                 Pastor Tripp will give the sermon

Sun-26     10am: Pulpit Exchange with UCC at Church

                  Rabbi Jagolinzer will give the sermon


MAY 2015

Fri-01      7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

Sun-03    10am: Mitzvah Day

Tue-05     6pm: Partnership Pot Luck Dinner at UCC

Thu-07    Lag B’Omer

Fri-08       7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

Sat-09      10am: Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-10     Mother’s Day

Fri-15       7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

Sun-17     Yom Yerushalayim

                 8:30am: Sunday@Shalom Family Education

                 A Kosher Adventure: Carpool Field Trip to

                 Newton, MA - Visit a Mikveh, Eat Kosher

                 Chinese & Shop!

Fri-22       6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sun-24     Shavuot

Mon-25    Memorial Day

                 10am: Yizkor Recited (2nd Day of Shavuot)

Fri-29       7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship


JUNE 2015

Fri-05     7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

                     Following Services:

                     Annual All-Chocolate Oneg!

Fri-12     7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship

Sat-13     10am: Shabbat Morning Worship

Sun-14    Flag Day

Fri-19      6:30pm: Dairy Pot Luck/Shabbat Worship

Sun-21    Father’s Day / Summer Begins

Fri-26     7:30pm: Leil Shabbat Worship