The Temple Board hopes to get together sometime at the end of July to get committees moving and try to plan a schedule for the late summer and fall:
Rabbi's 'Memorandum of Understanding' Negotiating Committee:
Linn Freedman, Scott Libman, Margo Vale

Ritual Committee:
Dale Blumen, Bruce Long, Michael Mendell

Finance & Budget Committee:
David Nathanson, Ruth Ziegler, Michael Mendell

Fundraising Committee:
Karin Dannin & Fran Mendell, Chairs
Leslie Saunders, David Fastovsky, Dale Blumen, Ruth Ziegler, Michael Mendell

Membership Committee:
TBD (as Mickie MacNeill resigned)

By-Laws Revisions:
Marty Cohen

Building Committee:
David Nathanson & Steve Schneller, Chairs
Marsha Greenberg & Karin Dannin

Education Committee:
Lisa Kotlen, Chair